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Visitor Information

At Australian Outback Spectacular, we make sure that everyone's visit with us is an enjoyable, hassle-free time – that no one will ever forget! Guests with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities must advise our team at the time of booking. For any enquiries or assistance please contact our friendly sales team prior to your visit on 13 33 86 or by using the contact us page.

Accessible Parking
Reserved parking is available in our car park for guests whose vehicles display a Disability Parking Permit. The reserved spaces are clearly marked with the International Disabilities Symbol.

First Aid
Registered Nurses staff the Australian Outback Spectacular First Aid Centre. First Aid does not supply medical equipment for everyday use. Guests are advised to bring all relevant medication with them to the performance. Medication which requires refrigeration may also be stored at First Aid.

Our main restroom has facilities designed for access by guest in wheelchairs.

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs
Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome in our venue. Service Animals are allowed in most locations throughout the venue with the exception of some restricted areas. We ask that dogs wear their working vest identifying their role at all times.

Assistive Listening Service
Australian Outback Spectacular offers an Assistive Listening service, which amplifies the show sound through headphones, attached to an FM receiver for guests with hearing difficulties. This service is offered complimentary, however guests must pre-book these headsets by contacting our contact centre on 13 33 86.

A limited number of individual hearing loops are available on request for guests to use in conjunction with a T-coil hearing aid. These loops must be pre-booked by contacting our contact centre on 13 33 86

Guests using a Wheelchair
We have a limited amount of wheelchair accessible seats at the Australian Outback Spectacular. For more information on these seats, or to book, please call our sales team on 13 33 86

Guests with Epilepsy
Strobe lighting and other light effects are used throughout the performance. Persons with epilepsy may be affected, and are asked to advise the sales team at time of booking.