Sound & Lighting

The elements of Water, Fire, Snow and Fog supported by Lighting, Projection and Audio working as one make High Country Legends the most technically advanced production ever staged at Australian Outback Spectacular. Sophisticated tech and creative art direction combine to enhance and support the performance, immersing both audience and performer in constantly transforming worlds.

A lighting system using the latest LED Technology and over 100 moving lights, stunning visuals from a dozen digital projectors and a 12.1 Surround Audio System are key players in each performance of High Country Legends.

But where our show really takes on another dimension is through our myriad of custom design special effects including fog, snow, fire, wind and our all new first of it’s kind water screen projection system.

Also introduced for High Country Legends is a purpose build scenic and rigging automation system which allows for the venue to dramatically change shape throughout the performance and create entirely new settings for the breathtaking scenes of our show.