High Country Legends

Welcome to a place where time is measured by the seasons and the land is untameable... A place where men and women are bred tough and true legends are born...

Welcome to the High Country!

Saddle up and join us on a captivating journey to the snow peaked mountains of the high country where enchanted whispers and legendary yarns come alive with the most inspiring stories of Australian characters.

Be dazzled like never before by the amazing animal stars. See death defying stunts and aerial performances as you hear the brave tale of the Aussie girl sold to the circus at the tender age of 7. Be mesmerized by biggest display of special effects ever seen as you travel the Road to Omeo with Australia’s yesteryear ghosts. With all the drama and action guests have come to expect from Australia’s favourite dinner show, prepare for the most breathtaking arena production ever created under the Australian Outback Spectacular roof.

All of this is accompanied by a stirring musical score composed especially for the show, as well as popular country music composed and written by country music legend Lee Kernaghan. Australians are famous for their competitive spirit and it’s impossible not to become involved in the competition that develops between stockmen and women from rival stations. But which station will you barrack for? The stockmen and women of Warrego Station or Bogong High Plains?

High Country hospitality demands that every visitor to the mountains be well fed. And that applies especially to the audience! Sit back and enjoy the majesty of an arena transformed into the snowy peaks of the high country as 40 stockmen and women serve up a gourmet Aussie feast with beer, wine or soft drink to every member of the audience – all in record time.

Witness the bravery, beauty and courage of the greatest Australian stories never told... High Country Legends. Proudly presented by R.M.Williams at the Australian Outback Spectacular.

May Wirth (1894-1978)
From humble Bundaberg beginnings to 'the world's greatest bareback rider’ at 17. The remarkable May Wirth was “adopted” by circus performers at age 7 and toured the world entertaining crowds with her astounding equestrian skill. May retired at the peak of her career in 1937 and was added to the Circus Hall of Fame in 1964. See the legend come to life before your eyes...

Tom Kruse
Esmond Gerald 'Tom’ Kruse became legendary during the fifteen years from 1947 to 1963 when he owned the Birdsville mail contract and was renowned for always getting the mail through, overcoming floods, dust storms, mechanical breakdowns and the appalling state of the Birdsville Track. In 1955 he was awarded an MBE for 'services to the community in the outback’.

Road to Omeo Ghosts
The Omeo Highway is 157km of uninhabitable road connecting north-east Victoria to Gippsland via the Victorian Alps. Legend has it that 150 years ago a stage coach carrying four passengers missed a sharp turn in the road, plummeting fifty metres to the creek below. It’s now said that on cold, misty nights, eerie glimpses of a ghostly coach can be seen, still travelling the road looking for lost souls and safe passage to Omeo.

The art of trapeze was introduced to the circuses of Australia in the early 1850’s after being developed by Jules Léotard, a French acrobat and aerialist, in Toulouse in the mid-1800s. Witness this beautiful and death defying art of strength, grace and flexibility performed high above the arena sand bought to you by the stunning Aerial Angels trapeze artists.

Bluey Liberty
The Border Collie is an intelligent and athletic breed developed primarily for herding livestock. Bluey’s faithful dog is no exception and no match for everyone’s favourite “Camp Cook”. Delight as “Boof” outwits, outplays and outmanoeuvres his master at every turn in a comical display of the special bond between man and man’s best friend.