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Presenting Partner - Ringers Western

The Ringers Western Company is proud to present the fifth instalment of the Australian Outback Spectacular – Salute to the Light Horse – High Country Special. Our pursuit to provide the men and women of the outback, the iconic ringers and stockmen, with something that not only represents, but compliments life on a station, has seen us develop a brand that is tough, adaptable and sometimes cheeky, yet still offers class and loyalty to the customer. In seeking a partnership that encompasses the same unique attributes and values, Australian Outback Spectacular was an obvious and exciting choice.

As Salute to the Light Horse tells a tale of the legendary Aussie spirit, so too does our clothing which strives to deliver a high-quality Australian made product that is inspired by the Australian Ringer, their passion and never say die attitude, whilst still appealing to regular men and women. Stylish and quality pieces ensure a comfortable and versatile product whether for station or city life.

There is nothing as iconic to the Australian bush culture as the horses themselves. No Ringer is complete without a handy steed they can trust and as with the tale of the Light Horse; station work relies on the nobility, might and loyalty of these courageous creatures. Ringers Western understands the importance of the bond between stockman and horse and what it takes to be not just a rider, but a horseman. Therefore, we are passionate in ensuring our clothing delivers comfort for the rider both in and out of the saddle.

Ringers Western was formed in the rugged Kimberley region of Western Australia in 2012 by founder and cattle station manager, Andrew Macdonald. Macdonald identified an area in the Australian clothing market that had been lost to the western wear clothing industry. Ringers Westerns’ partnership with Australian Outback Spectacular aims to reinspire and showcase our iconic Australian style by presenting a new name in quality clothing and apparel to Australians and visitors who have experienced or aspired to the lifestyle of those that inhabit this vast landscape.

We offer congratulations to Village Roadshow in providing such a unique production to the Australian market and hope that all those who experience this show are instilled with a stronger appreciation of what it means to be a part of this great land and a pride that has visitors casting a taller shadow until your next visit.