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It was exactly 92 years since the historical Charge of Beersheba and on Sunday 31 October the stockmen and women of Australia Outback Spectacular 2 'Heroes of the Light Horse' performed a commemorative one-off matinee show to pay tribute to the armed forces and the famous Australian Light Horse.

It was a patriotic day to honor the famous charge made by the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade on 31 October 1917. The show included a special military equipment display and armored vehicle and was attended by special guests from the defence force, Returned Services League and modern Light Horse regiments and troops.

The famous charge at Beersheba is regarded as one of the most successful and courageous cavalry charges in history and is a living testament to the continued bravery and determination of our outback sons. Australian Outback Spectacular 2 'Heroes of the Light Horse' re-tells this remarkable true story and is a show not to be missed!

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Photo: Members from the 5th Light Horse Regiment Maleny Troop attended the special commemorative matinee performance at Australian Outback Spectacular 2.

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