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Australian Outback Spectacular is a state of the art purpose built venue featuring the latest in Entertainment Technology.

The lighting system is made up of over 300 fixtures, including 50 moving lights and over 250 colour scrollers!

With an audio system that would rival most rock concerts you’ll not only hear, but really feel the sound. A 14 point surround sound system will leave you feeling like you are part of the action.

One of the real stars of our show is our brand new 35m wide high definition digital projection system. With eighty thousand ansi-lumens of output, our breathtaking visuals will transport you to the outback like you’ve never seen before.

This state of the art technology is all controlled with an army of sophisticated computer control equipment ready to deliver you the very best show, night after night.

Add to all of that some fog, rain (yes it does actually rain inside the venue!) and a few surprises you’ll just have to wait to experience and the land comes alive.

Our equipment is backed up by a technical team that is second to none. Our crew, sourced from all around the world and features some of the countries best audio, lighting and technical personnel including:

Technical Supervisor 

Audio Director

Lighting and Projection Designer

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The Show

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