Tony Jablonski

Australian Outback Spectacular - The Cast & Creative Team - Tony Jablonski


Horse Master of Australian Outback Spectacular

Tony was born in Bowral and began riding at Smokey Dawson’s Ranch at the age of five. His film career started at sixteen, working as a wrangler with the ABC TV series Ben Hall.

Tony works alongside Donna Morton as “Animals Downunder”. Tony supplies the Australian and New Zealand film and Special events industries with horses, horsemen, livestock & equipment. Tony specialises in the training of Liberty and Stunt horses. For the filming of In Pursuit of Honor, Tony worked with over 300 horses. Lee Kernaghan, Tanya Kernaghan, Jack Thompson, Sam Neill, Vanessa Redgraves, Steve Bisley, Heath Ledger, Guy Pearce, David Gullipil are only a few of the infamous stars that Tony has worked alongside with.

Tony’s long list of credits include TV shows, feature films (most recently “The Proposition”, Special Events (2005 Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the World Endurance in Dubai, UAE) and live shows – including The Man from Snowy River Arena Spectacular and Equitana Asia Pacific.

Tony’s involvement with the Australian Outback Spectacular goes back to the ground roots, building a footprint for the horses, livestock and performers. It has long been his dream to bring our Australian Horse Heritage to the forefront of Australian audiences.

The pinnacle of Tony’s career was the Horse Master of the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony, which involved 140 stock horses, 140 riders and 40 wranglers and staff – an experience never to be forgotten.

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