The Harness Horses

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Monster, Thomas, Gregory, Gavin, Gary, Percy, Lucy, Dolly, Junior, Packer, Joyce, Betty, Donny and Reggie

May we be presumptuous and say that we are the “quiet achievers” of the gang!

You’ll see us act as the power pack for our Overlanders and the Cobb & Co. Coach scenes. We are a reminder of the importance we played in Australia’s pioneering history. Teams like us opened up the outback, pioneering horse drawn mail, freight and passenger services and we toiled every day in extreme conditions and led the way out of the Great Depression.

Today, we are fewer in number, but those of us still hard at work are immensely proud of our heritage – which dates back as far as Viking times.

We are thrilled to be keeping the legend alive at Australian Outback Spectacular. We hope you enjoy the show.

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