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I am a five year old and the quickest of quick learners.  I am excited to be taking on the role of the rearing horse that actually opens the show each night. What a buzz!  I am also learning to work stock so I can become one of the most useful all-rounders in Australian Outback Spectacular.


I am a five year old bay Australian Stock Horse gelding from Kyogle.  I have done my fair share of mustering and am enjoying life on the Gold Coast as part of the Australian Outback Spectacular team. An accomplished all-rounder, you will see me in all the major scenes, but I especially love the running of the colts.


I am a six year old Australian Stockhorse gelding from Tamworth and you will find me at the front of the line in the quadrilles. I love nothing more than loping around, but boy can I stop and turn when the need arises.


I came from Rockhampton as a three year old.  I am one of the show’s most accomplished all-rounders.  My favourite scenes involve the cattle work and team drafting.  I am a laid back gentleman that will take any challenge thrown at me in my handsome stride.


I am a 13 year old chestnut gelding who was worked in the company for many years. I have recently found a new lease of life as an amazing trick riding horse. My riders say that I am built for power and not so much for speed.


I’m also known as “wombat” and I am a very special buckskin at Australian Outback Spectacular. I’m a laid back horse that loves my job and I get to perform in many scenes of the show and from time to time I assist the lead performers as an MC horse.


Known to everyone here as the ‘Dalby Drafter’, I’m about six years old.  After being broken in as a two year old, I was trained in the exacting equestrian sport of campdrafting.  That’s why the trainers say I have an amazing ability to stop, block and turn with a minimum of effort from my riders.

Bulls Eye

My nickname is “Bully” and I am an eight year old stockhorse gelding. I enjoy my new life living at the Australian Outback Spectacular and being on the Gold Coast. Although I love to work my favourite times of the day is at the end of the show when my riders spoil me.


I’m a cool customer from Townsville.  My early career was as a barrel racer so I know my way around an arena.  In Australian Outback Spectacular, I play a lot of roles, including barrel racer, stock horse, quadrille – I’m a bit of an all-rounder.  I love the spotlight, so the louder you cheer, the faster I’ll go!


My name says it all:

“D” Delightful Character
“A” Ability to achieve
“R” Rare Temperament
“C” Clever Chap
“Y” Youthful


I am from Tamworth – the home of quality country music – and horses. I am a typical Australian Stock Horse who was bred to campdrafting, in which I have enjoyed much success. My registered name is ‘Turner Stud Granite’ and my bloodlines suggest I will be a champion like my ‘Abbey’ and ‘Reality’ rellies.


I may not be the best looking member of the team, but I am a true gentleman who gives his all, whichever scene of the show I find myself in.  You can always count on me to get the job done.  I thoroughly enjoy life at Australian Outback Spectacular and love performing – a thousand people can cheer pretty loud!


I am an eight year old stock horse from Goondiwindi and I love to chase cattle. Before I came to the Australian Outback Spectacular I spent my days mustering and camp drafting.

‘Outback’ Jack

I’m a registered Australian Stock Horse from Canberra.  I’ve settled into the Queensland way of life very happily.  Everyone who works with me admires my attitude towards my new role in Australian Outback Spectacular and every day I look forward to drafting cattle. The busier I am - the better!


I am an eight year old “Ash” who came from Kyogle where my forte was camp drafting. I recently came to Australian Outback Spectacular where I can showcase my skills of being a great all-rounder.


I am an eight year old thoroughbred and my rather embarrassing racing name is “Radging Secreteriat”. I raced successfully and I was known as a very well behaved horse at the track.  I am enjoying training for my new career with Australian Outback Spectacular and I love being fed all I can eat.  I am one of the tallest horses here – you can’t miss me.


I was born and bred in Texas, Queensland where I chased cattle all day.  It was great fun and I loved it.  At Australian Outback Spectacular I have just as much fun as I get to do so many different jobs and everyone is interesting.  A bonus is my old owner is part of the team here and he often gives me extra treats.


My name is Sketch and I am 13 years old. I was a novice camp drafting horse and now my versatility enables me to work in numerous scenes in the show. I enjoy being a “Pick-up” horse in the “Breaking the colts.”


Despite my tender years (I am the youngest horse in Australian Outback Spectacular), I’m super keen to show I’ve got what it takes to play with the big boys.  I plan to cut my teeth in the trick riding display with the girls putting on a great show for you.


Some say I should be called “Chunky” because I am one big, muscly man!   I’m jet black with a handsome blaze.   I’m six years old but I think I am very mature for my age. The trainers and riders here at Australian Outback Spectacular love working with me, although for some reason they say I can be a little temperamental.


G’day my name is Windy and I am nine year old Australian stock horse. You will find me wowing the crowds in many roles varying from meeting people in the pub to the spectacular rearing scene in the opening of the show.

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